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 Did you know that Collinsville was once a center for clothing manufacturing?  Three different companies made everything from baby booties to women’s work outfits to women’s hats.  Maybe one of your parents, or your grandparents, were employed at one of the factories!  The women’s clothing and hats were sold under a variety of retail names and many were advertised in magazines like Vogue.  Come into the Museum to see our display presenting the early clothing industry of Collinsville 



WWII Spoken Word Audio

Collinsville Residents Look Back To Their Service in WWII

This clip is an excerpt of a few of the stories that were shared by local residents who served in the war or supported the war effort at home. 

 the April, 1918 lynching of Robert Prager.

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Featuring: Robert Prager lynching April 1918

 The Collinsville Historical Museum has opened the exhibit, Collinsville 1918, which features the April, 1918 lynching of Robert Prager.