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Robert Prager lynching April 1918

The Collinsville Historical Museum has opened the exhibit, Collinsville 1918, which features the April, 1918 lynching of Robert Prager. The display describes the environment in the City which led up to the lynching, including Collinsville troops being sent off to fight World War I, the dominance of coal miners in the community and underlying labor tension, and national and local anti-German hysteria. The 100th Anniversary of the Prager lynching was April 5, and the case attracted nationwide attention in 1918. It was the only lynching of a German immigrant in the United States during the Great War.

The Collinsville 1918 exhibit also has a display on the December 1918 grand opening of the Miner’s Institute and Theater and the 1918 influenza epidemic which killed dozens in the township and delayed the Miner’s opening.

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