Collinsville Historical Museum

Friends of the Museum

The museum is operated by a dedicated group of people who donate their time and talents to insure the smooth operation of the museum.


The Friends group also organizes several fund-raisers a year that support the operating expenses of the Museum. Some of our Friends serve as Museum volunteers as well.


Whether you want to be involved in all aspects of the group or if you just want to enjoy good company... or anything in between, please know that your membership goes a long way in sustaining the Museum.


Yearly dues are $25 per year... We cordially invite anyone who would like to join our organization to call the office (618) 344-1834

or email us at office@collinsvillemuseum.org


The Friends of the Collinsville Historical Museum meet six times a year for dinner meetings to enjoy a wonderful variety of guest speakers. All meeting are held in the basement meeting room of the Collinsville Pubic Library.



Dates & Times

January      - 2nd Monday at 6pm

March         - 2nd Monday at 6pm

May             - 2nd Monday at 6pm

July             - 2nd Monday at 6pm

September  - 2nd Monday at 6pm

November   - 2nd Monday at 6pm

We need your support to be successful!

No Contribution is too SMALL!

Friends of Collinsville Museum Officers:


President -Larry Shasteens

Vice President - Grace Brooke

Secretary -Colleen Gasst

Treasurer -Margie Wrightn


President - Larry Shasteen

Vice President - Bob Stephens

Secretary - Shelly Blumburg

Treasurer - Marge Rowe

Members:Dr. Gary  Gass

Pete Stehmann

Lavadna Hines

Museum Board of Directors:


                   Office Manager:  Marge Rowe

Call Coordinator: Pat Parker

Acquisition Committee, Sandy Stark, Shari Barnish, Bob Stephens

Researcher & Cataloger: Charlotte Knapp

Storage Room Organizers: Shari & Steve Barnish

Photography: Bob Stephens

Displays: Sandy Stark

Recorder of Deeds: Shari Barnish


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